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Competition Notice - SEB

Competition Notice
Information regarding the competition and the performance

- Relevant terms for the competition: The competition is open to all students that are currently studying tech or IT related programs. This competition is done in accordance with Universum’s GENERAL TERMS & CONDITIONS FOR PARTICIPATION IN COMPETITIONS. The participants must reside in Sweden.

- Relevant time limits: the competition will start on the 1st of December 2020 and will continue until the 31st of January 2021.

- The competition task/performance: The participants need to answer these following questions: "Motivate why you are the Tech talent 2021? What's your experience in Machine Learning? What's your view of the usage of Machine Learning? What does sustainability mean for you? How can Machine Learning be applied in the field of sustainability?". The answers can include longer answers. The answers need to be provided through the specific channel created for the competition. The answers will be evaluated on creativity and conciseness. One winner will be awarded a prize.

  1. Participants sign up by providing their contact information, providing answers to SEB's posted questions and uploading their CV to our platform. Members will also be able to nominate a friend, whereby Universum will send an invitation to the nominated friend inviting them to the competition. If entering the competition, the nominated friend becomes a Member.
  2. Information regarding how the winner is appointed and the criteria assessed when appointing a winner: The creativity and conciseness used when applying will be evaluated by the sponsors' jury.

    Information regarding where and when the name of the winner will be published: The result of the competition will be announced in March 2021 at Universum Awards in Stockholm, to which the winner and finalists will be invited. The name of the winner will be published on this website and they will stay published for a maximum of six months.

    *Awards/prizes: The winner will receive an 8-week Summer Internship from SEB during the summer of 2021 and a mentor for one year.
  3. Personal Data and the processing thereof: Universum processes your personal data only for clearly stated purposes and only in accordance with Universum’s privacy policy. For more information on Universum’s processing of your personal data, please read our Privacy Policy.